Official 2023 Rome Metro Map: Ready for Printing! (in PDF)

If you are looking for the official map of the Rome metro, updated to this year and immediately ready for printing, here you will find 3 free ones.
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If you are looking for the official map of the Rome metro, updated to this year and immediately ready for printing, here you will find 3 free ones.

If you are looking for the best PDF Ready for Printing Rome metro map, here you will find up to 3 maps, which you can download immediately according to your needs.

They are official and free!

These Rome metro maps are constantly updated by ATAC, and they are really the more complete available to be in your hands when roaming around the capital.

Let’s quickly see why these 3 metro maps.

The first map is for the Roman, or the citizen living in Rome;

the second one is purely for tourist needing a map of the Rome metro with only the historic center;

and finally the third one is a map similar to that of London, in which all Metro lines are shown schematically, along with metropolitan trains and trams.

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Here below are the 3 updated maps of the Rome Metro:

pdf downloadMap of the Metro for the entire Capital
[Size: 8 MB]

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pdf downloadRome Historic Center Metro Map [Size: 2 MB]

pdf downloadRome Schematic metro and railways map [Size: 1 MB]

If you are a tourist, or a Roman who wants to know the capital as much as possible, then the historic center of Rome map with the main monuments to see is a must have, it’s updated and free 😉

Did these metro maps and historical monuments help you?

Leave me a cue below in the comments if you have any ideas on how to improve these maps further.

Have Fun in Rome.

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