Rome for Kids & Family: 10 Must Do in Rome with Children!

If you are looking for what to do in Rome with your extraordinary kids, do not miss these 10 precious tips on fun and games for your children!
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It’s true.

At first glance, Rome does not look exactly like a “child-friendly” city. Too many machines, too smog, too many dangers at every corner …

Nevertheless, in this article I will try to point out the 10 best things to do in Rome with your children, in the name of fun … but not losing sight of even the educational side!

Okay, let’s start with the ranking 😉



It’s the classic playground, as we remember it in our childhood, destined for younger children.

Here you can go for a ride on the Brucomela, sail on swan-shaped boats, pull colored balls to their friends, swing on a cute dragon, and much more.

Visit the site of this establishment: it really is fun!



This is the only ice skating rink in the heart of Rome, an area of over 3000 sq. M. Covered where your kids can run and make “onboard” their skis.

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Plant mascots is a nice penguin!



A large number of parks in Rome offers children’s attractions. Among them, we select the two best for you!

The Gianicolo, because you will be able to watch together with your son at the show of puppets or funny actors at the Teatro Pulcinella and at the Teatro Verde. And then, finished the show, you can wait with him noon to hear the cannon gun, punctual as a Swiss watch.

Villa Borghese to rent a rickshaw, a tandem, a kart or why not, rowing boat or pedal to go around the pond surrounded by ducks and water turtles.



Inside Villa Torlonia, this library is home to the eye of new technologies. It consists of nine rooms, with activities suitable for children aged 8 to 17 years.

Among the interactive games we include:

  • Virtual Set, a virtual TV set where you can discover the special effects used on the small screen;
  • Scultor Robot, a machine that can print on a polystyrene holder a 3D photo obtained by laser reading;
  • See Music, a space where you can create live music using an electronic sampler;
  • Digital Floor, or a floor that changes under our feet!

Moreover, at this time when the Planetarium of the EUR is being restructured, you will be able to see here the beautiful starry sky projections, inside the Inflatable Planetarium!!!



Nice place a few steps from S. Pietro and Castel S. Angelo.

What is its peculiarity?

It organizes workshops for children in different disciplines: mosaic, ceramic processing, knitting, photographic technique …

Therefore, a creative space where you can learn while having fun!



In Rome, there are eight seats in this wonderful toy store, which stands out from all the others you are used to to know.

In fact, here your children will find toys with which you also played when you were old, and who instead thought you were extinct. As well as balloons from all over the world, so they can tell them different cultures.

This does not mean that modern games are banned, indeed!

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Really few people know about these wonderful places, and you will hardly find them elsewhere:

But these are carefully selected based on their educational scope: and so here are kits for chemical or physical experiments, as well as rational construction systems for small engineers!

In short, more than a store is a forge of ideas.

For children who do not have to ask … Never!



Within the EUR Sheraton Hotel, there are cooking classes for children and teenagers!

Here, your children will learn how to prepare delicious sweet and salty manicures, socializing with other small chefs.

Who knows if one day, coming home tired from work, you will find your word that will tell you:

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“Quiet mom and dad, tonight to prepare dinner I think …”



Inside the former tramway station of Borghetto Flaminio, rises this beautiful Children’s Museum of Rome.

Inside it develops like a small miniature city, where every activity has its own educational lap:

There is, for example:

  • a virtual supermarket where children are taught to know how to read the label of the product, and what foods are suitable for them;
  • or you can go to the garden, learn the various types of vegetables and from where the world comes from;
  • what about the area with the Water Games, where it is possible for them to experience what is a dam or how the “leonardesque wheel” works …

You will not be able to get them out before the evening !!!!



Inside Villa Borghese, this beautiful wildlife trail extends for 4km, including animals of all kinds, such as tigers, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, elephants … and then there are wolves, a symbol of our beautiful city!

Each of these animals is placed in a context that simulates its natural habitat, in a sense of deep respect for the same.

So do not think of the typical zoo filled with narrow cages.

A separate section, hosts the Reptile, which can be visited with supplement, but is worth it:

Which child, in fact, is not attracted to crocodiles and snakes???



It is the first Italian Museum entirely dedicated to video games, from cabinets to PS4. The games are varied every 2 weeks so that visitors can always experience new experiences.

Really exciting the Oculus Room, a new concept of virtual reality that completely eliminates the barriers between play and player.

Not too good for small children, while adolescents will love it!


You have come to the end of the article, you have earned my compliments!

I hope you have selected the 10 best activities to do in Rome with your child, in the comments below you can suggest your favorites!

Good Rome

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