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Rome for Free: Here Are 10 Absolutely Must See Places in Rome!

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If you want to visit and discover Rome for free, here are are the top 10 places and and things to see at no cost. Do not miss out on this fantastic list.

Following the current covid-19 health emergency, some businesses may have changed their opening methods, so I advise you to always call their numbers or visit their sites to confirm.

If you want to find Rome free without ever putting your hand on the wallet or if you are planning a trip to the Uruguay, perhaps just in view of the Jubilee, here are 10 tips on how to visit Rome without spending a single euro!

No major attraction will be off-limits, you will see!

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The secret to admiring free great art artistic masterpieces is to visit churches and basilicas.

The choice of course in Rome is very wide.

A few examples? Caravaggio.

His works are exhibited in the churches of:

Santa Maria del Popolo,

St. Augustine,

And St. Louis of the French.

Michelangelo is present with his Moses in St Peter in bonds or with Piety in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Certainly less famous, but worth visiting are also the prospective paintings of Del Pozzo in Sant’Ignazio: the first 3D example of history!



It will not give you the same feeling of grandeur, but enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Horseshoe area by going to the panoramic terraces of the Capitol, it’s a must-see experience.

In this way, you will literally have your entire Rome’s feet: from the bow of Settimio Severo to the Colosseum, from the Basilicas to the Curia, from the Sacred Way to the House of the Vestals.

Walking along Alessandrina Street, you will also be able to appreciate the great Imperial Forums of Trajan, Augusto and Nerva with their remarkable markets, columns, temples and more!



A great opportunity that the city offers is that you can admire all the riches of the Ura from above thanks to the famous panoramic terraces.

Unique in their kind, they offer a view over Rome boundless.

The most famous are certainly the Pincio terrace overlooking the Piazza del Popolo and that of the Gianicolo, but one can not overlook, for example, that inside the Garden of the Aranci on the Aventine.

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Every first Sunday of the month in Rome there are Free Museums!

So you can organize your visit so that it will happen in the city on the first Sunday of the month and the game will be done.

All national museums can be visited at no cost:

The four seats of the National Museum of Rome,
The Baths of Caracalla,
Castel Sant’Angelo will no longer have secrets.
But if the visit is scheduled at another time of the month, here are some other proposals.

For lovers of archeology and Roman history, we recommend the Museum of Via Ostiense set up inside Porta San Paolo or the important Victorian with the tomb of Ignoto Military, the Military Shrine of the Flags, the Central Museum of the Risorgimento and space Exhibition for modern and contemporary art, which always offers some curious and interesting exhibits to visit, all free of charge.

Also, remember that Vatican Museums are free on the last Sunday of every month!

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5. squares, squares, again squares!


Roma è un museo a cielo aperto e molti sono i capolavori che si possono ammirare semplicemente passeggiando.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini e la sua portentosa Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi a piazza Navona, la famosa scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, la meravigliosa Fontana di Trevi, la splendida sistemazione del Valdier a piazza del Popolo, Michelangelo al Campidoglio, insomma… chi più ne ha più ne metta!



Tip for the most curious: you have to move somewhat from the historic center, but there is a visit that deserves the fatigue, that is the Coppedè district.

Its original and bizarre architecture will surprise you by catapulting yourself into a fantastic world populated by mythological beings and symbolic figures.

Between villages, palaces, fountains and fairy-tale buildings, you will find yourself walking in a world out of the ordinary!



To rest after such a walk, you can choose different locations.

Parks in Rome are not just oasis of peace immersed in the greenery, they preserve valuable art treasures.

Among all those inside the park of Villa Borghese like Giardino del Lago, characterized by a romantic artificial islet dominated by the Temple of Esculapio or the many other buildings in it, so much that it has brought the villa to be defined “Park of the Museums”.

And still Villa Doria Pamphilj with Bel Respiro Casino, seat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers or the park of Villa Celimontana al Celio enriched by numerous pieces of the Mattei collection scattered in the gardens, including the Egyptian obelisk of Ramses II!

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A walk on the one of the Tiber River Island can not be missed.

On such a reduced surface, there are millennia of history. It has been inhabited since the Roman times and has never ceased to represent the point of connection and walk between the two banks of the river.

A unique and rare jewel from which you can admire the extraordinary engineering work of the Tiber Mountains that since the late 1800s protect the city from floods.

To go along with the visit, we recommend the walk to the nearby Jewish quarter that Pope Paul IV set up as a true Ghetto in 1555 and was definitively dismantled only at the end of the eighteenth century. Theater of atrocities and abuses for many centuries, today the ghetto shines and returns to be alive and attended by the efforts of the Jewish community who, following the deportation of October 16, 1943, wanted to return here to stay not to forget.



It is impossible to go to Rome without visiting its most characteristic district.

Popular soul since ancient Rome, Trastevere will give you continuous and endless surprises at every corner.

Old-fashioned vineyards follow each other and lead us to extraordinary squares where you can visit some of the oldest churches in town, first of all, Santa Maria in Trastevere, the heart of the ward.



If architecture is your passion, some points in the city offer delicious glimpses and illusive games.


The famous hole of the serata of the door of the Villa of the Priory of Malta to the Aventine from which you can admire the dome of St. Peter, or still via Piccolomini for a very nice play with the protagonist always cupolone: the closer you are, the more he away “; If you go back, the dome will look even bigger and closer! Not bad eh?


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