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Map of Rome Center with Monuments: Free and Immediately Ready for Printing! (Updated to 2019)

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Here is the best map of Rome with indications for getting to its main monuments and using the metro, in a high resolution pdf format, ready for printing!

Having a map is everything!

If you’re looking for a free map of Rome, accurate, and updated to 2019, you finally found the one for you!

Before writing this article, I searched through a myriad of Rome maps, carefully picking the one I thought was the best.

If you are looking for a map of Rome Center in pdf format, with all metro stops, immediately ready for printing, one that’s able to get you oriented in the maze of streets and alleyways of the Eternal City, well it’s time to put end to your whole quest:

Click below on the Rome maps images, you’ll be able to download the ones you’re most interested in!


For immediately downloading the map of the center of Rome you may take around with you for discovering the capital, click below:


I shall remind you that if you only need Rome’s Metro maps, here you can find my article with all the maps of the Rome Metro way, updated to 2019.


If you’re also interested in a map of Rome with the main monuments of the Old Town; you can download it below for free:


Here instead you can find theRome Metro and metropolitan railways map, by clicking on it you will directly open the high resolution version:

theRome Metro and metropolitan railways map

If you also need the map with all Rome’s Limited Traffic Zones, green bands and the railway ring, you can download it immediately by clicking on the image below:

Here is the map of Rome featuring the Limited Traffic Areas (ZTL locally), the green bands and the railway ring, by clicking on it you may directly go to the city of Rome’s website, where you can browse the detailed ZTL map:

Rome's Limited Traffic Zones

(Of course, I do not consider myself responsible for any fines made as a result of using the information in this article)


Did you find a free map of Rome on the web which is better than those I featured in my article?

You can indicate other charts and maps of Rome below in the comments section!

Now that you have your map of Rome in your hand, the city will also be in your hands…

Have Fun in Rome.

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Thank you for your time.

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