25 Best Hamburgers in Rome: The Ultimate Ranking (2024)

Do you want to know where to eat the best burgers in Rome? Don't miss my list of the 25 tastiest burger joints in Rome, from gourmet to giant-sized.
Following the current covid-19 health emergency, some businesses may have changed their opening methods, so I advise you to always call their numbers or visit their sites to confirm.

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Today we will discover together the best places to eat the juiciest burgers in Rome.

I tried to divide them by neighborhood, and at the end of the article you will also find my map with all these magnificent places, so you can easily find the one closest to you.

Obviously, since they are all at a stellar level, I preferred to list them by zones, the order is not a ranking but is purely random.

Almost all of these places deliver burgers to your home in Rome, but just go to their website that I listed to be sure, and call the phone number I listed for each of them.

Before leaving, I also recommend not to miss my ranking of the 10 absolutely tastiest sandwiches in Rome.

Ok, since you will surely be very hungry, I would say let’s start right away, what do you say?

Let’s start right away with my personal list of the tastiest burgers in Rome!



I’ll start by saying right away that this is one of the best pubs in the capital.

Here you can taste many craft beers on tap that truly satisfy every taste.

But if you are looking for a real gourmet burger in Rome then don’t miss this address!

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There are many types of burgers, and new ones are added every season, I have tried a Fassona beef burger, the waiter will also ask you for the cooking level, I personally prefer it almost raw.

With every burger there are sauces prepared directly by them…

The price is in line with the level of the place and the extreme quality of the ingredients.



mapVia Tirso, 30 (Campo de’ Fiori)


telefono+39 06 6478 1752

Tutti i giorni 12–15, 19–01

Perfect place if you want to eat grilled meat of really high quality.

There are also seitan burger options for vegans.

At Kilo you will taste burgers at the level of those in America, and if you are particularly brave you can order their “The Giant”, that is a burger 25 cm in diameter with 2 kg of meat inside!

Perhaps the largest burger in Rome!



mapVia della Palombella, 34 (Pantheon)


telefono+39 06 88 818 420

Tutti i giorni dalle 11:00 – 00:00

At the T-Burger Station you can select all the flavors you want by customizing your sandwich, the size of the burger is still quite large and the choice of meat is very good, you will also find angus and fillet.

There are also several types of vegetarian burgers, try the burger with pumpkin and carrots.

Prices are perhaps slightly above average.

In Roma Prati you can find these hamburgers:



mapVia Simone de Saint Bon, 69-73


telefono+39 06 3752 7062

Tuti i giorni 12.00 23.30

Great selection of burgers made with high-quality ingredients. The meat is sourced from a local butcher, and the bread is also from a local bakery. Their craft beers are also excellent. The price is fair for the quality offered.



mapVia Ostia, 29O


telefono+39 06 487 4461

Tutti i giorni 19-23

This is the first vacuum-cooked hamburger restaurant in Italy.

Here, selected burgers and meats are cooked with the low-temperature vacuum technique, which maintains the nutritional properties, taste, and colors of the meats intact.

The low-temperature cooking technique involves cooking the meat inside special airtight bags placed in water at a controlled temperature ranging from 50 to 80 degrees. You can also experiment with it at home by purchasing this special low-temperature vacuum cooking tool on Amazon.

If you want to try a truly special hamburger, don’t miss out on this fantastic hamburger restaurant.

Their prices are in line with the average.



mapVia Crescenzio, 52 (Prati)


telefono+39 06 4543 2249

Tutti i giorni 12–15, 19:30–01

This is truly one of the best burger joints in Rome. With high-quality meat and always a wide variety of burgers, as well as first courses and entrees. Unfortunately, there are only 3-4 craft beers to choose from but they are still very good.

Coming to the burger, the meat is excellent as well as the cooking, and the restaurant used to be a gym, and the decor wanted to maintain some of its identity with the theme of boxing.

Adequate prices.

Hamburger Vegetariani e Colorati a Roma



mapVia dei Gracchi, 8 (Prati-Vaticano)


telefono+39 06 4566 6538

Tutti i giorni 12:30–15, 19–23

This is the first gourmet vegan burger joint in Italy, opening first in Milan in 2015 and the following year in Rome.

A unique place to eat something different from the usual meat burgers.

Really wide choice of innovative and tasty vegetarian burgers!

If you are curious to taste colored burgers in Rome, this is the place for you, don’t miss their cherry yum, with pink bread 😉

Forget about sad dishes and dull colors: here the burgers are all brightly colored, made from high-quality ingredients, beautiful to look at and even better to eat!

The homemade bread, sauces, and patties range from turmeric to the now iconic black charcoal vegetable and 7-grain bread.

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Beef_Bazaar_best-hamburger_in Rome

mapVia Germanico, 136


telefono+39 06 6940 2150

lunedì 12:30–15:30, 19–00:30
martedì 12:30–15:30, 19–00:30
mercoledì 12:30–15:30, 19–00:30
giovedì 12:30–15:30, 19–00:30
venerdì 12:30–15:30, 19–00:30
sabato 19–00:30
domenica 19–00:30

The meat is truly delicious and you can choose it directly at the counter.

Here you can also taste the legendary and expensive Kobe beef, the meat raised with great care in Japan, the beef is also fed with beer and massaged to make the meat much more tender and tasty.

At Beef Bazar you will find meats from all over the world, obviously selected and superior quality meats. One of the places where you can truly eat the best meat in Rome.

Average price but fair in relation to the very high quality.

Burgers in Vatican City, Rome.



mapPiazza del Risorgimento, 11


telefono+39 06 8765 2224

lunedì 10–02
martedì 10–02
mercoledì 10–02
giovedì 11–02
venerdì 10–02
sabato 10–02
domenica 11–18

This is one of the best hamburger restaurants in Rome.

A cute and cozy place, inexpensive and in a beautiful area, it is also possible to eat at outdoor tables where you can see St. Peter’s dome.

The burgers are made with high-quality Italian meat and are enhanced with really good sides, don’t miss their potatoes with cheese and bacon.

Hamburgers in Trastevere, Rome



mapVia della Luce, 3A


telefono+39 329 928 1111

Tutti i giorni dalle 11.00 alle 02.00

If you love cocktails and burgers, then this is your place.

At Percorsi, every type of burger is paired with a specific cocktail.

The meat is clearly of excellent choice and very fresh, and the idea of serving the sandwich with a cocktail is spot on, perfect for an original evening.

Their burger is one of the best in Rome.

Hamburgers in Aventino, Rome



mapViale Aventino, 32


telefono+39 06 6442 0656

lunedì 07–02
martedì 07–02
mercoledì 07–02
giovedì 07–02
venerdì 07–02
sabato 08–02
domenica 10–02

Aperitif venue, also perfect for a dinner with friends.

Absolutely try their delicious hamburgers and their fries.

I recommend the monumental Prussian beef hamburger with sweet onions and cheddar.

Quality and price are satisfying.



mapVia di S. Saba, 11 (Aventino)


telefono+39 06 575 9608

lunedì 19–01
martedì 19–01
mercoledì 19–01
giovedì 19–01
venerdì 19–02
sabato 12–15, 19–02
domenica 12–15, 19–01

If you’re looking for unique places in Rome, I highly recommend you try this one.

What’s the special feature?

Here you can tap your own craft beer directly at your table! In fact, on each table you will find a turret with a display from which you can select your beer, and then proceed to tap it directly from the tap at your table…

Their burgers are great, even though the theme of the place takes inspiration from Eastern cuisine.

Absolutely try their beer-based tiramisu!

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Burgers in San Giovanni, Rome



mapvia Gallia 83 (San Giovanni)


telefono+39 06 8115 7225

lunedì 18:30–02
martedì 18:30–02
mercoledì 18:30–02
giovedì 18:30–02
venerdì 18:30–02
sabato 18:30–02
domenica 18:30–02

Here you will find quality of the meat, cooking, sauces, bread, in short everything.

If you are looking for American barbecue cuisine, this is perhaps the best American Barbecue in Rome!

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Really few people know about these wonderful places, and you will hardly find them elsewhere:

The meat is obviously all of high quality, but what makes the difference as always is the special preparation of the dishes.



mapvia La Spezia 127/A (San Giovanni)


telefono+39 06 701 1695

lunedì 12:30–15, 19–23
martedì 12:30–15, 19–23
mercoledì 12:30–15, 19–23
giovedì 12:30–15, 19–23
venerdì 12:30–15, 19–23
sabato 12:30–15, 19–23
domenica 19–23

Perhaps the best burger in Rome San Giovanni.

It stands out for the quality of the ingredients and the ability to choose ingredients for the sandwich, as well as offering already paired sandwiches. The burgers are giant and beautifully tall, with genuine ingredients and first-choice meat (including beef, horse, chicken, and the legendary Black Angus), and there are also some vegan burger options. There are new sandwiches every month.

The selection of beers and baked potatoes is also very good. Don’t miss the delicious cheesecake. Prices are slightly above average.

Hamburger in Rome San Lorenzo

Hamburgheria – Burger Bar



mapVia dei Reti, 40 (San Lorenzo)


telefono+39 06 4470 1298

lunedì 10–15, 18–23:30
martedì 10–15, 18–23:30
mercoledì 10–15, 18–23:30
giovedì 10–15, 18–23:30
venerdì 10–15, 18–23:30
sabato 18–23:30
domenica 18–23:30

A beautifully designed New York-style locale. The burgers here are fantastic, big and accompanied by French fries. The taste of the meat reflects the quality of their burgers, and there are also alternative vegetarian burger options on the menu.

Honest prices.

Hamburger in Rome Nord

The Butcher Shop


mapVia Nomentana, 647 (Montesacro)


telefono+39 06 5297 8766

lunedì 12–02
martedì 12–02
mercoledì 12–02
giovedì 12–02
venerdì 12–04
sabato 12–04
domenica 19–02

The right place to enjoy gourmet burgers in Rome by putting them together as you like.

As soon as you enter, you write down the type of sandwich, the weight of the meat, and the ingredients and sauces you want on a sheet of paper.

Quick preparation. The locale is very cute, a bit small, with different brick walls and a visible glass kitchen.

Prices are very good in relation to the quality of the meat.

Docks & Co.


mapVia Clisio, 18 (Trieste)


telefono+39 06 8620 6022

Tutti i giorni 12:30–15:30, 20–00:30

A Tex-Mex style locale with large, well-organized spaces.

The burgers here are enormous, the Italian quality meat blends with the American style. I recommend trying their Jack Daniel’s burger, the true specialty of the house.

The artisan beers are always excellent.

Prices are not cheap, but in line with the quantity/quality.

Taste Good Hamburgeria Italiana


mapVia Cirenaica, 11 (Quartiere Africano)


telefono+39 06 8620 8230

lunedì Chiuso
martedì 18–00
mercoledì 18–00
giovedì 18–00
venerdì 18–00
sabato 18–00
domenica 18–00

A simple but cozy hamburgeria. It stands out for the choice of ingredients, first and foremost meat and bread.

You can assemble your own sandwich by choosing individual ingredients and the weight of the meat.

Try their spicy potatoes and the Social Burger!

There is also a vegetarian burger option. Unfortunately, there is not much beer selection… The quality-price ratio is more than good.

White Rabbit


mapVia Spalato, 35/37/39


telefono+39 06 9484 1424

Tutti i giorni 18.00 – 02.00

A beautifully designed industrial and slightly retro style locale, perfect for a fun evening with friends.

You can enjoy excellent cocktails and artisan beers, but above all, delicious burgers made with high-quality, always fresh meat.

What else to say?

The food, being of high quality, is still at a fair price.

Ham Holy Burger


mapVia Brescia 28


telefono+39 06 8956 2939

Tutti i giorni 12–15, 19–23

The locale is the former Peroni brewery, a place with a great history.

The industrial and retro style inside blends well with the very friendly atmosphere of the locale. As for their sandwiches, you will find a true specialist in gourmet burgers in Rome, top-quality meats, I once tried a truly sublime wild boar burger.

The order is relaxed, in fact, it can be made via a tablet where you can also customize the ingredients. A positive note is the bread, fresh and perfect for this type of burger.

The price is slightly higher than average, justified by the proposal of high-level gourmet burgers.

T-Burger Station


mapPiazza Istria, 16 (Quartiere Trieste)


telefono+39 0625204552

Pranzo 12:30 – 15:00 Cena 19:00 – 00:00
Sabato e Domenica Cena 19:00 – 01:00

In the heart of the city, a hamburger station with a modern style. The ingredients are of excellent quality, and the burgers are always fresh and tasty.

Prices are very affordable, and there is a good selection of beers.



mapVia Ostiense, 52


telefono+39 06 9489 0461

Tutti i giorni 8.00 – 2.00

In the heart of the Ostiense district, 5 minutes from Piramide, we find this fantastic gourmet butcher-restaurant.

The “Chianchiere” in Neapolitan means the butcher, not just a simple meat seller, but a true artisan of taste who, starting from the raw material, creates delicacies.

This is where the idea of the restaurant comes from, where you can both buy the meat like in a butcher shop, but here you will find truly high-quality meats, or sit at the table and taste their preparations like in a real restaurant.

Here you can find the real single supply chain, in fact almost all their meat comes from the Carpineto farm in Presenzano, in the province of Caserta. Where on about 100 hectares of land, more than 700 head of cattle are raised every year, Podolica and Marchigiana breed cattle.

Coming to them, the hamburgers are on another planet, as the meat is both of absolute quality and cooked the way it is requested.

There is also an excellent choice of hamburgers for vegetarians.

Quality price ratio is stellar.

The flagship dish of the place is naturally the quality of the meat and in addition to hamburgers you will find many other options.

This is the ideal place to eat exquisite meat while having a good time with friends, there is also the possibility to watch games on big screens.

Honest prices.

The best burger near Rome



mapVia dei Laghi 12


telefono+39 06 8698 8768

Tutti i giorni 08-01

The flagship dish of the place is naturally the quality of the meat and in addition to hamburgers you will find many other options.

This is the ideal place to eat exquisite meat while having a good time with friends, there is also the possibility to watch games on big screens.

Honest prices.

Best Hamburger in Rome’s Ghetto



mapVia di S. Maria del Pianto, 13


telefono+39 06 6889 2029

Tutti i giorni 12.00-23,00

Located in the Jewish quarter of Rome, in this cozy place you can discover how the Jewish tradition meets the more American one. Every sandwich is prepared following the kosher rules, using high-quality meats, and every ingredient is very fresh.

There are many choices such as the 300, 240, double 120… with also some vegetarian options. If you are in the area, a stop here is a must.

Great value for money.

The Best Hamburgers at Rome Termini



map1° piano Terrazza Termini


telefono+39 06 83956884

Tutti i giorni 12–15, 19–23

Hamburger in Appia, Rome



mapVia Appia Nuova, 336-338


telefono+39 06 780 71 80

Tutti i giorni dalle 12:30 – 15:00
Dalla Domenica al Giovedí dalle 19:00 – 00:00
Venerdì e Sabato dalle 19:00 – 00:30

Hamburger in Testaccio, Rome

The Meat Market


The venue is very beautiful inside with the kitchen in sight and the possibility of eating at the outdoor tables.

A vast selection of meats, and here I ate one of the best hamburgers in all of Rome:

PARALLELO 41: beef hamburger (200 gr.), escarole, raisins, pine nuts, rolled bacon, rosemary mayonnaise… a delight!

Affordable prices.

Hamburger in Rome Montesacro



mapViale Tirreno, 2 (Montesacro)


telefono+39 06 8377 5617

Aperto tutti i giorni h24

Young and informal venue with post-industrial style furnishings, with a large terrace ideal for dining and aperitifs.

The venue’s project extends to the adjacent street style clothing store.

Returning to the food, I tasted really good hamburgers, but maybe the best one is the one with Fassona Piedmontese meat.

Excellent selection of craft beers.

A reservation is necessary to access the upper terrace.

Prices are fairly standard.

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